Court orders gay activist to take false claims against priest off web


Christians these days too often are criticized and vilified simply because they hold biblical beliefs.

Their opponents simply have no tolerance for them because they adhere to man-and-woman marriage, to protecting the lives of the unborn, and more.

Now one priest has gained a victory over attacks that went too far.

The Thomas More Society is reporting Father Josiah Trenham has been vindicated by a federal court in his fight with a “gay activist publisher” who attacked him.

Lawyers for the organization filed a lawsuit on behalf of Trenham, his wife, Orthodox Christian Ministries, and St. Andrew Orthodox Christian Church.

“Self-proclaimed gay rights activist Peter ‘Giacomo’ Sanfilippo has been found liable in Father Josiah Trenham, et al. v. Peter J. Sanfilippo, et al., for defaming Father Trenham and his wife Catherine, along with his church and ministry, in the online publication Orthodoxy in Dialogue,” the legal team announced.

“The court awarded $300,000 in damages against Sanfilippo, the outlet’s editor, for publishing false, malicious, and defamatory statements and accusations concerning the priest and his ministry, and for harassing the Trenhams.”



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