Hunter Biden, Indict Him Now

By Ray Cardello for July 22, 2022 Season 12 / Post 6

Unfortunately, those who care have read the emails, seen the videos, watched the documentaries, listened to his interviews, and know that Hunter Biden should be imprisoned. His father, our President, and his uncle should have adjoining cells. That is not hyperbole. This trio and their supporting and adoring family are as corrupt as any crime family. The difference is that they have jeopardized our national security, so they should pay a heavy price.

Hunter Biden is a low-life individual with more demons than will fit in a double-wide closet. He has addictions to alcohol, drugs, sex, and money, which do not make him guilty of crimes. The combination of his transgressions is the problem. They empowered him to use his father’s name and con many foreign individuals, companies, and governments to pay the Biden Cartel millions of dollars. Foreign entities, sometimes our enemies, paid fortunes to Hunter Biden for two things; exposure and favors from his father, Joe Biden. We see those favors coming to fruition.

The Grand Jury in Delaware has been investigating Hunter Biden for months, and the current term expires…


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  1. SOOOO agree, hunter needs time behind bars! NO wondering if he did nothing wrong, far to much has come out! BUT and I say but if as I read ole pops will free him if he is still alive! He stated as much! THe whole family is evil and all for their money ties! LIKE CHINA? Wonder why ole joey will not blame them for the virus? OH and as I have read who is mixing the conconcotion for the new virus spread???????? Heard and read its us???????? WHO IS BEHIND THIS BS? HMMMM sorass and bo? And what ever evil lurks in the rats nests!

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