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Here are some news stories that might be of interest. Most articles will be more or less summarized in the headline. You can skim the headlines and summaries, and click the links if they are of interest. Keep in mind, many of these reports are products of an unreliable news media, so although they will be what people are hearing and talking about, there is no guarantee any one of them is necessarily correct, and we have had cases of outright lies make it onto these pages.

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“Make sure those you follow talk about the surveillance, because everyone who is in the game knows. Make them either damage the machine by saying it, or reveal they are part of it by staying silent. Demanding our side talk about the surveillance is really the closest to a Xanatos gambit our side has.”


DFT – Stocks Fall, Ethereum Merges, And Oil Drops

DFT – Railroads And Rail Worker Unions Strike Deal, Avert Strike

DFT – OPEC Continues To Fail To Meet Production Targets, Though Production Increases

DFT – Economic War Heats Up As US Threatens To Sanction Banks Using Russian Payment System

DFT – FexEx Report Sounds Alarm Over Global Economy

The Russians have released Bald And Bankrupt’s interrogation video, below. A little background – Bald was a travel vlogger on youtube, who traveled the former Soviet Union doing travel videos. We linked him here, as in some videos it showed obvious physical surveillance, and everybody in the West needs to learn to spot surveillance since we are a under it far worse than in any former Soviet Republic. There are a few interesting points you will not see in the Western narrative, which Bald admits to, and admits by extension he was covering up for Western Cabal – One, residents of Donbass lived in fear of Azov, and told Bald this, as they complained Azov made them rename their town something they did not like, and would terrorize anyone who did not use the right name. So Azov was operating local surveillance networks, like Cabal in the West and watching how people talked. Two, there were Ukrainians who voted for the old Ukrainian President, who were not happy when Soros overthrew him in a coup, and they told Bald that. And three, he was bullied by people on youtube (Cabal agents) to put a Ukraine donation button on his page (He got pressure because those assigned to wrangle him knew he would fold. I would bet nobody would try to pressure you, unless you were prone to fold in the face of it. I would assume all the “random” bullies and “regular” individuals who pushed him did so on orders, and most normies did not give a fuck if he had a Ukrainian donation button or not. I think ost people lurk, and when they get interactions like that it is often Cabal)

And finally, most interestingly, every youtuber received an email at the very outset of the Ukraine conflict, telling them if they mentioned Ukraine in a video, they had to recite the Western narrative where Russia was an evil invader and Zelensky was a hero, or youtube would suspend them and demonetize them. They were not allowed to present any other perspective. You can see that one, the ad revenue on Youtube is just a cover for payoffs for propaganda produced by good little boys, and control by Cabal over what people say (What, realistically, is the chance you will ever buy anything advertised by youtube, because of the youtube ad? And two, Youtube is just an extension of Western intelligence, which has become the new Stasi/Gestapo, operating this time fully ensconced in the private sector to avoid government oversight and public scrutiny, and it is every bit the propagandist those old despotic agencies were. Think of it – All the content on youtube, and not a single word is allowed to give any inkling their might be some opinion other than what Cabal is telling everyone to think about Ukraine, about Covid, about elections. The final interesting point was this youtube points out the Russians freely allow tons of Russians to post videos online criticizing Putin, and the Russians do nothing about it, honoring free speech in a way the West, at least this West, will not. And every social media company, every big news organization, every minor e-celebrity is owned by the Cabal, or like Bald claims to be, cowed into submission.

Props to Russian intel. Grabbing up a big name, and then using his Cabal-fame against Cabal, recording him saying he believed something opposed to the western narrative, all his support for the Cabal’s position was extorted by the conspiracy, and explaining he was not allowed to say any of that by Western intelligence agencies, which took over big-tech from the private sector side/ It was genius. Classic insurgency – using your enemy’s weapons against them. That Bald let himself get turned into such a Russian victory now makes me think he was not a legit glowie, and was at best like the average ground operator Cabal has everywhere, if even that.

Pope says supplying weapons to Ukraine is morally acceptable. Even the Vatican is penetrated by the exact same thing which took over Big Tech, Big Pharma, the medical establishment, the media, publishing, big business, the government, Hollywood, Disney, even local school boards.

Facebook was spying on personal messages of Americans who questioned the 2020 election – turned them over to the FBI. Just another Globohomo Intelligence operation.

In a lawsuit, Facebook says, it has amassed so much data on so many billions of people and organized it so confusingly that full transparency is impossible on a technical level. Intel probably has its own search program that can instantly deliver whatever they want.

Twitter decides ad for Republican candidate for Governor Lee Zeldin is too effective, so he is not allowed to post it.

New California law will require age verification for all websites, to be done “effortlessly” by having your computer camera on at all times, scanning your face, before you can visit the next webpage. How will that work if your camera is always covered?

Whistleblower: China, India had spies working inside Twitter.

TikTok refuses to cut off data flow to communist China.

Millions of illegals are going to vote in the coming elections.

A Delaware judge ruled Wednesday that a new vote-by-mail law enacted earlier this year is unconstitutional and that voting by mail cannot be used in the November election.

Judge denies DOJ request for stay in investigation of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago docs.

Judge appoints New York Judge Raymond Dearie as special master to independently review documents the FBI took from former President Donald Trump’s Florida home in early August.

Durham had plenty of evidence that Clinton Cronies and the CIA lied about the use of Yota phones to turn the US national Security apparatus against Trump, and he did nothing about it.

New filing in the Igor Dancenko case – Reveals Special Counsel Durham intends to introduce as evidence the internal LYNC messages of FBI Analysts/Agents. This includes the messages of FBI Analyst Brain Auten – who helped “manage” Danchenko and helped cover-up Hunter Biden evidence.

New York Attorney General Letitia James has rejected an offer to settle a civil suit against former President Donald Trump’s company, the Trump Organization, and is said to be targeting one of Trump’s children, according to the New York Times. No word on which Trump is being targeted, but Don Jr is the most active politically, and it is all political.

FBI Agent: ‘We have more people assigned to investigate white supremacists than we can actually find.’

The FBI analyst who wrongly labeled Hunter Biden evidence as “disinformation” was referred for disciplinary action just months before doing so, whistleblowers claim. No more info on what for.

Joe Biden demands end to ‘special immunity’ for social media platforms who allow the spread of hate as he promises to fight the ‘venom and violence’ of white supremacy.

Lisa Murkowski: Alaskans should not question FBI’s raid of Mar-a-Lago.

Establishment Lisa Murkowski vows to assist Biden administration if reelected. Because of ranked choice voting, it is now in her interest to appeal to democrats to vote for her second.

Ranked-choice voting failed to make the ballot in Missouri but the left will keep pushing it.

Former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows is complying with a Justice Department subpoena, Fox News has learned, by providing documents he previously shared with the House January 6 committee.

Charles McGonigal, the former head of counterintelligence at the FBI field office in New York City who was involved in the investigation into the Trump campaign’s contacts with Russia during the 2016 election, has fallen under the scrutiny of a grand jury convened by U.S. attorneys late last year for his own ties with Russia and other foreign governments.

Paul Sperry – In Hillary’s case, FBI helped obstruct its own investigation.

Mike Lindell hires Alan Dershowitz to sue U.S. government and FBI. Tough call. Dershowitz is undoubtedly not to be trusted, but finding a lawyer willing to stand up to them would be tough.

Joshua Ziminski and his wife Kelly Ziminski were in court today and officially charged with Armed burglary, robbery, intimidation of a victim, false imprisonment, ID Theft, and bail-jumping – all felonies as a party to a crime. This is the asshole who fired his Glock in the air to signal everyone to move on Rittenhouse and start taking him out. Looks like he was doing a home-invasion of somebody his wife knew, so he could drive him around forcing him at knifepoint to withdraw money from his bank accounts. Interestingly, like Hunter, his wife had a Pornhub account where they posted videos.

Border patrol logs 8,000 migrants entering US each day. That alone is 3 million per year, and they did a similar rate last year. But how many do they actually log? How many slip in and never encounter Border Patrol. Are one in three logged? One in five? One in Ten?

‘Young Turks’ host Cenk Uygur denounces ‘defund the police’ rhetoric as ‘wildly counterproductive.’ No Police=No Government power. Since it is presently a wildly small minority which has corrupted the government to use it against us, and the vast majority of the people are good, I am increasingly thinking we might find common ground with the Defund The Police crowd. That small minority at the top exploits the fact we see ourselves in the Police, and that confers authority on their government it would never otherwise have. I think Cenk here sees that, and realizes if the entire right supported defunding all Law Enforcement, and joined with the radical leftists who want to defund all law enforcement, guys like Cenk, and his lackeys in government would be out there, unable to enforce everything – from stealing tax payer dollars to fund Cabal, to enforcing gun laws. And don’t talk to me about public safety. We can handle that ourselves just fine at the community level. If anything, the events of last summer would never have happened if there were no Police to protect Antifa, and use government to attack any of us who resisted those criminals burning down cities. Take away the Police, and we’d only be stronger relative to now.

Donald Trump offered Israel’s West Bank to Jordan’s King Abdullah in 2018.

Older people who were infected with COVID-19 show a substantially higher risk—as much as 50% to 80% higher than a control group—of developing Alzheimer’s disease within a year, according to a study of more than 6 million patients 65 and older.  That is the spike protein, which, by the way, they get a much better, longer-lasting dose of through the vax.

“Ethically unjustifiable” – Scientists from Harvard & Johns Hopkins found Covid-19 vaccines 98 times worse than the virus.

The new normal: Kids myocarditis awareness commercial running in New York State.

A woman who managed to avoid the Hospital’s fucked up protocols designed to kill her when she was admitted with Covid recounts the ordeal. Her husband basically had to steal her out of the Hospital, after the Hospital made her a Do-Not-Resuscitate case without her consent, or even telling her. I told you the conspiracy was all throughout the medical field, just like Big Tech, and the media. It is unreal.

CDC now says covid jabs causing myocarditis isn’t “misinformation” after all, after YEARS of Big Tech censorship for those who said it first.

Gov. Ddocuments prove Bill Gates is primary funder of UK medicine regulator while owning major shares in Pfizer & BioNTech.

Prince Charles is looking a tad puffy of late, and it is not just his fingers:

Hackers completely compromised Uber, got all of their data.

The Small Business Administration gave $1.3 billion in COVID-19 disaster relief to applicants with foreign internet addresses, indicating possible international criminal organization involvement, the agency’s inspector general found.

Buttigieg awards big fed grant to dismantle “racist” highway.

Customs and Border Protection comes under fire for downloading people’s phones without a warrant and storing all the data in a permanent database for future perusal.

New big rigs and other trucks will have to be zero-emissions in 2040 — ending their decades-long reliance on high-polluting diesel — under a proposed regulation unveiled by the California Air Resources Board.

Electric vehicles are more deadly on the road, in addition to being overall worse for the environment. It is pretty impressive, the degree to which they programmed everyone. They say Ukraine needs to be freed. And all the sheep will suddenly want to send all our money to Ukraine to support fascists and money-laundering and secret bio-weapons research for Globohomo. They say everyone needs to get vaccinated, and suddenly you are an enemy if you don’t take their deathshot. They say EVs are good for the environment, and everyone clamors for laws making us strip-mine jungles for lithium, and produce all the fossil fuels to charge these things, so they can travel 100 miles and die. They just say things, and all the robots clamor to do what they tell them. It is an impressive feat of mental control.

A fire that started at an electric scooter showroom in India killed at least eight people and injured 11 in the deadliest incident involving electric vehicles in the country.

Kawasaki revealed plans to electrify all of its motorcycles in developed markets by 2035.

California Democrats won’t debate in any race for statewide office.

U.S. cities have worse murder rates than Ukraine’s civilian death rates.

Several marked San Francisco police vehicles were struck by thieves who stole their catalytic converters.

Scientists propose controversial plan to refreeze North and South Poles by spraying Sulphur dioxide into atmosphere to cool the planet.

Swords, knives, etc. can’t be shipped to Canada now.

EU declares, Hungary is no longer a full democracy, due to not blindly supporting Cabal’s Globohomo agenda. It will increase pressure on EU authorities in Brussels not to disburse billions in EU cash to Hungary that is being withheld over concerns about corruption.

The emir of Qatar on Wednesday made an urgent appeal to Russia and the West, saying his nation will not be able to re-supply Europe with enough liquefied natural gas to stave off an energy crisis this winter, and urged both parties to bring a speedy end to the war.

US will cross ‘red line’ if it gives Ukraine longer-range missiles: Russia.

The U.S. will not be providing Ukraine with long-range missiles amid Russia’s invasion.

German Economy Minister Robert Habeck noted on Thursday, at the sidelines of the G7 trade ministers meeting in Brandenburg, that Ukraine will need around $350 billion to reconstruct itself. Unless Russia wins. Go Russia!

‘Russia an island of freedom in raging sea of cancelled morality’ – Head of Russian Church sermon. I was thinking about Russia today, and what it must be like to watch the news there. I do these things each day, and  shit. A President who is a pedophile. His son who does God knows what, and every time breaks out the video camera. Epstein, Maxwell, and all the other pedos who will never be looked at. A war in Ukraine which is just an excuse to pay tax dollars to defense contractors for all the weapons we throw away over there, as well as the protection of a money-laundering/sex-trafficking/Pedo/illegal-bioweapons haven. The vaccine scam, cities burned to the ground by government agents, killings and shootings left and right in Chicago as nobody can get rid of that little ghoul running it, while cops are thrown in jail for following procedure on junkies who it can be shown on blood tests overdosed. Scumbags everywhere and especially on our side, getting filthy rich, the surveillance next door, the government weaponized. Fake elections, Immigrant invaders supported by the government, government-protected street gangs, fake mass shootings, mysterious real mass shootings that will never get solved, fake insurrectionists that are still locked up as criminals of Cabal’s elite can’t be touched, and Trump and his people are all under attack by a weaponized government. What does the evening news look like each day in Russia? Probably the only big story is Cabal starting a war with them. What would the news look like in Russia if there were no Cabal?

New Russian gas pipeline with China to substitute for Nord Stream 2.

Since 80% receivers can no longer be sold with a jig, there is now one you can print on a 3D printer.

CNN’s Don Lemon demoted from evening prime time show.

White House says Republican governors using migrants as political pawns.

Gavin Newsom asks DOJ to consider ‘kidnapping’ charges after GOP governors ship migrants out of state.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams backtracked on Thursday, denying that his administration would be “reassessing” the right to shelter for asylum seekers amid an influx of 11,000 migrants since May.

Migrants sent by Ron DeSantis to Martha’s Vineyard thought they were headed to Boston.

Martha’s Vineyard laughably declares ‘humanitarian crisis’ over 50 illegal immigrants.

Breitbart Business Digest does the analysis and finds Martha’s Vineyard could house six million refugees.

Martha’s Vineyard homeless advocate says migrants there will eventually have to move ‘somewhere else.’

Florida Senator Ron DeSantis had a strong message for migrants seeking to enter the country – “We are not a sanctuary state. And its better to be able to go to a sanctuary jurisdiction. And yes, we will help facilitate that transport for you to be able to go to greener pastures.”

Biden administration is quietly trying to find ways to stem the migrant tide now that leftists are getting upset about them.

The Democrat-led city of El Paso is sending its own buses of migrants to NYC.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) sent two busloads of illegal economic migrants to Vice President Kamala Harris’ official home in D.C., just days after she insisted that “the border is secure.”

Texas voters trust Gov. Greg Abbott over Beto O’Rourke on top issues in new poll.

Trump-endorsed candidate Kelly Tshibaka is tied with 21-year incumbent Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) for U.S. Senate with about 50 days until the election in a poll that takes into account Alaska’s ranked-choice voting. This was before the other Republican dropped out and endorsed her.

President Trump on the possibility of being indicted by Biden regime –  “There would be BIG PROBLEMS the likes we’ve never seen before!”

President Donald Trump will join GOP Senate candidate J.D. Vance in Ohio Saturday. Trump will travel to Youngstown, Ohio where he will appear with Vance at an event on Sept. 17, 2022. The man of the hour shows up at 7PM EST.

Spread r/K Theory, because the news would be better without Cabal – though we would not be here meeting either.


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