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It perhaps goes without saying that the California of 2022 is a far cry from the state where conservative icon Ronald Reagan once served as governor. The Golden State not only has embraced the most extreme of liberal policies for its own citizens but also has gained notoriety for its attempts to draw in those from red states to partake. At a time when a child’s death by abortion or a minor’s gender-transition surgery is just a flight away, conservatives across America must refuse to look away from California’s war on children.

In California, the well-being and safety of children comes second to adult desires — including sexual perversion. A new analysis from the Daily Mail has revealed that more than 7,000 pedophiles were released from California prisons the very same year that they were convicted. The outlet called out Proposition 57 (which permits “nonviolent” offenders to receive early parole) for diminishing the time that known pedophiles might spend behind bars.

While newsworthy in the rest of the country, the inexcusable early release of pedophiles is unfortunately nothing new in California. In 2020, seven high-risk sex offenders were released early in Orange County due to a court commissioner misusing pandemic emergency orders. In California, the health of high-risk sex offenders is more important than the safety of children.

Elevating the comfort of convicted pedophiles above the security of their victims may be enough to shock even liberal audiences. But California’s neglect of America’s youngest citizens doesn’t end there.

In each of these cases of extreme California policy, a child suffers irreversible harm to suit the sick whims and ideologies of adults.

Since the overturn of Roe v. Wade, California has actively fought to become one of the most dangerous places in the world to be a child in the womb. The recent midterm election saw the passing of Proposition 1, which enshrined a right to elective abortion up until the moment of birth in the California Constitution. This abortion standard is one of the most extreme in the world; California is now just as dangerous of a place to be an unborn child as North Korea or China.

In September 2022, Gov. Gavin Newsom signed no fewer than 13 pro-abortion bills as he worked towards the goal of establishing California as the nation’s abortion tourism destination. Assembly Bill 2223 prohibits investigations of infant death in California, demonstrating that the state refuses to treat even born infants as living humans. Senate Bill 1142 provides money to pregnant mothers from any state to cover abortion-related costs in California, including “airfare, lodging, ground transportation, gas money, meals, dependent childcare, doula support, and translation services.” (READ MORE: See How Bad Gavin Newsom Let Crime Get in California)

Though pro-lifers across the nation now have the ability to protect unborn lives in their own state, the harsh reality is that so long as a mother can make it to California, her unborn child can be killed while a blue-state government helps her foot the bill. California’s Future of Abortion Council plans to increase out-of-state abortions in California from 46,000 to 1.4 million — an increase rate of nearly 3,000 percent. Newsom has already placed billboards in seven pro-life states, inviting their mothers to undergo abortions in California.

While California is happy to kill your unborn child in the womb, it is willing to settle for mutilating your born child if he or she can make it to the state. California Senate Bill 107 allows the state to take “temporary emergency jurisdiction” of a child so that he or she can receive “gender affirming healthcare” — namely, sterilizing drugs or mutilating surgeries.

Dean Broyles, a California attorney and the president of the National Center for Law and Policy, confirms that Senate Bill 107 “decimates the legal jurisdiction of other states, carving out an exception to well-established and universal legal prohibitions on kidnapping, by allowing children to be unlawfully brought to California, as long as the purpose is to seek ‘gender-affirming care.’”

In each of these cases of extreme California policy, a child suffers irreversible harm to suit the sick whims and ideologies of adults. Studies affirm that survivors of childhood sexual abuse often carry scars for life in the form of both mental- and physical-health struggles. Every “successful” abortion ends the life of a unique, unrepeatable human being. Young adults like Chloe Cole, who de-transitioned after years on puberty-blocking drugs and undergoing a double mastectomy at age 15, can attest that performing gender transitioning on children is abuse.

Make no mistake: California’s violence, abuse, and exploitation of children is not limited to only Californians. Every child in America is a potential victim of this depraved war.

While conservatives continue to leave California in droves, sitting comfortably with the knowledge that similar repulsive bills would never pass in their new red state, it is more vital than ever for all Americans to wake up to the dangers of blue-state overreach. The policies of California may never become law in Texas, but, no matter where you live, California is coming for your children.

Sophia Lorey is outreach and communications coordinator at California Family Council in Sacramento, California.

Joy Stockbauer is a policy analyst for the Center for Human Dignity at Family Research Council in Washington, D.C.

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