GOP groups rushing to try to save Liz Cheney in her primary for some reason – HotAir

But why?

It’s not going to work. And at this point, I don’t think she wants to be saved. She’s accepted her fate and is prepared for civic martyrdom at the hands of MAGA.

Does this sound like someone who’s trying to win over Republicans in a state Trump won by 44 points?

“Dick Cheney is a war criminal..lied to the American people and brought nothing but death and destruction to Iraq ….Cheney’s demon seed will be destroyed at the polls by the good folks in Wyoming… and then we will be done with them,” Steve Bannon said yesterday after Dick’s new ad appeared, no doubt expressing the views of many Trump voters.

You think the “demon seed” stands a chance in a Republican primary in the reddest state in the country?


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