Monkeypox: Adobo Chronicles Fact-Checks News From Satire Site!

Rappler and other Facebook fact checkers like to fact-check us and other satire sites all the time, so why don’t we turn the table around and let us fact-check a ”fellow” satire site?

Here goes:

A supposed news headline has spread on the Internet where the World Health Organization (WHO) ”advised” gay and bisexual men to halt sexual activity for a 14-day period to slow the spread of the monkeypox virus.

While WHO did issue an advisory urging men who have sex with men to reduce their sexual partners and encounters, it never said they should halt sexual activity for 14 days.

The “news” headline was from Genesius Times, a satirical site. On its facebook page, GT describes itself “the most reliable source of fake news on the planet.”

That was funny GT, but let’s help our LGBTQ+ brothers and sisters fight stigma and discrimination, shall we?

Here is an official WHO advisory on monkeypox:

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